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Hi, I’m Mametta Osaah Boateng from Ghana West Africa. Fashion has created an avenue for myself expression as well as sharing a few beauty tips ;‑) . Living life one day at a time while learning and trying new things. Come take a stylish walk with me.

Going natural

I had been thinking about going natural for a while but I kept on making excuses and postponing it. This went on for a while until one evening on youtube, I was checking out a video of Lizlizlive. I loved her make-up in that video and her weave was beautiful. I wanted my weave to look just like hers. At a point, she took her weave off and shared her story about going natural. I fell in love that minute and was soo inspired.

The next day, I went to the salon for some hair-care and just when the lady was about to braid my hair, I told her to chop it off. The decision had been made. She had to cut everything off and she did so with a smile. The feeling lingered in my memory for a long while. It was a feeling of freedom and I appreciated me more than ever. I remember how cute those little coils were, feels like yesterday. This is how my ‘natural hair’ journey started.

I love it when I am able to share some natural hair tips with people. But I don’t do much with my hair, what I mostly use are shea butter, olive oil and vitamin E oil. This is what I tell everybody and the end result is simply amazing.

Mametta Boateng from Accra, Ghana.

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