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Hello Ev’Body,

My name is Christiane Dahlia NGUE, I am 25 and I am a vibrant communication graduate from Cameroon. I am  into laughing, sharing, dishing and hence I decided to put all that energy in a blog Haha! No more seriously…
I started A lady project in a bid to inspire girls and women who may sometimes feel at odd with their body or their appearence or who are just looking for a daily dose of motivation. I personally had my down moments and I know the importance of having someone to relate to or to laugh with or just to vibe with.
It is a platform, where I will feature women I highly admire, post up inspiring stories and projects and hopefully  young girls reading this will feel empowered.

Join us and share the love ♡


You need a piece of advice ? You have a story to share ? Go ahead, fill in the form below and let’s get in touch.  I will gladly answer all your queries or/and feature your story ;).

Besoin d’un conseil ? Une question à poser ? Une histoire à partager ? Veuillez renseigner le formulaire ci-dessous. Je me ferai un plaisir de vous répondre et/ou de relayer votre histoire.

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