15 Questions to Ivorian influencer Saraï D’hologne

Saraï d'hologne

Meet management student Saraï D’hologne, the young Ivorian influencer is widely popular for her looks that mix fashion and african touch and her vibrant personality. Get to know her in 15 questions.

1. One thing about you that few people know ?

I did play football, marbles and all those little boys games when I was younger.

2. The first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning ?

My phone

3. Could you tell us about yourself ?

My name is Saraï D’hologne. My mom is peul from Guinea Conakry and my father is Ivorian. I was born and I still live in Ivory Coast. I’m currently pursuing my MBA and I work as a flight attendant in my free time. Moreover I love Art so I do many things related to it.

4. You are also a producer, why did you choose this path ?

I love creativity I didn’t choose to be a producer it all came to me.

5. I must say, I met you through Instagram and I am absolutely fascinated by the smart combination of mode and African lifestyle you display on your profile, would you say those are two of your passions ? Which message would you like to convey through your profile ?

First of all, I’m really proud to be an African woman. I remember every time people asked me which countries I wanted to visit I always named African countries. I don’t see any reason to hide who we are because Africa is beautiful. So when I get the opportunity to visit my continent through my job I really enjoy every moment. I’m trying to display what I like and who I am through my Instagram profile. I love bringing different things to the table. Discovering our reality is really fascinating and that’s the message I’m trying to convey on my profile.

Saraï d'hologne

6. Talking about African lifestyle, could you name three places you like the most in Africa and why ?

I would say Abidjan first! Even after everything that’s happened, it still boasts a large selection of restaurants, hotels, sites, and other reasons to visit. For those traveling through West Africa, it is a must-see city with one of the most vibrant night scenes. Also Ivorians are really warm and genuine, so you will surely have fun over there ! No lies, no kidding.

Then Dakar, that place looks like Abidjan tho. I have the feeling I haven’t moved from Abidjan whenever I get there maybe because the French colonisation footprint is still evident in their culture and language. One reason why I like this place is because they promote Art a lot and they got nice places to visit. Tourism is really their thing.

Finally I would say Conakry. Not because my mom is Guinean but because it is raw .. I think there is such beauty in raw things. I mean there’s is little infrastructure yes, there are not as developed as others African countries yes but it offers great tourism destination for adventurous travelers.

7. What would you say is your favorite African dish ?

Alloco ! I would say « sauce graine  » with foutou too and .. and .. garba ! (Laugh).

8. If you were to describe your home town in 3 words what would they be ?

Warm, genuine and fun

9. You are also an influencer, could you name your most exciting project to date ? Any upcoming projects ?

The most exciting project was working on « nafasi – Don’t play » video project. That was the first time I would actually write a script for a music video. You know having a concept and see it materialize is amazing. I was proud of my team (Africa mindset) and the result.

Concerning any upcoming projects I’m diligently working on a series of paintings with Sartaï .. artspiration takes time ( laugh ) so I’m taking my time ..

10. Who is your role model ?

My mom

11. What was the best advice she ever gave you ?

Never give up .. good things take time.

12. What would be your piece of advice to your 18-year-old self ?

Never settle for less. Doubt moment occurs to anyone but knowing your self worth is relevant.

13. How would you define beauty ? What do you think about the evolution of black beauty today ?

I think there is no standard to beauty. It depends on your own perception. Beauty is everywhere, you must not be too blind if you want to see it .. just open your eyes.

In fact, I’m really proud of the evolution of black beauty. We see a lot of black women accepting their crown ( im talking about Afro) on social network nowadays and that’s great. We are realizing our softness and also the fact that we are smart and independent. Hope it will last.

14. What is your morning beauty routine ?

For real, I don’t really have one. I do drink water a lot in the morning .. hot water. I’m not the kind of woman using cream and stuff every day. I get bored very easily ( laugh)

15. What do you like the most about yourself ?

I love being unpredictable.

For more information on Ms D’hologne, please check her IG account here

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