Building your higher-self

I would like to start this article with a shoutout to Florentin, the photographer behind this vibrant shot.

It took me time to realize how great it was and I recall asking him « couldn’t you wait? I look like a clown ». To that he answered « Dahlia, this is beautiful! This how I see you. »

Thinking about it now, I think I do like this shot. Believe it or not, I think he captured my higher-self.

What is an higher-self?

I was first introduced to the term by aunty Oprah Winfrey. In one of her speeches, she talked about growing yourself into your best self.This idea appealed to me and I started reading more about it.

Growing an higher-self is about believing in something bigger than yourself and outgrowing your ego self to become your best self.

It is about loving yourself enough to stop copying people you believe are better than you and relying on your better self and your values to grow.

It is about independant thinking, not acting like the world wants you to, not aspiring to being someone you are not but being the best representation of yourself on earth.

This idea spoke to the girl with low self-esteem I was and I decided to embark on this journey of self-acceptance.

My journey of self-love

Up until my 23rd bithday, I was not self-confident. I was pretty shy and people would take advantage of it. The more I would try to gain people’s acceptance especially when I moved to France, the more I would feel belittled and miserable.

Me trying to defend myself with my arms of tolerant being in a world of bullies would cause me to be bullied even more. One day, I realised that I actually did not want to be like them and belong to their crew because they were actually pretty mean. I thought of myself as a caring being and I could not relate to selfish and mean behaviours from anyone. If the hype was negative, I did not want to be hype. Me realising this was the beginning of my journey.

Crédit: Florentin - Higher-self

My higher-self is the person I fight to become.. A person that…

Understands that being positive is a blessing as not everything needs nor deserve my time and energy.

Understands that I am stronger than I think and that I got more charisma than I think.

Understands that standing for what I believe is glamorous.

Understands that time reveals the true spirit of everyone.

Understands that I am worth the world and that I cannot take less than what I deserve.

Me embarking on this journey has made me more confident and I now feel empowered. Anytime I start to feel low I ask my self what would the best version of me do and I stand strong.

Be you, be great ♡

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