#GreatMe – Behind the scene

I am a firm believer that people with the most struggles have the best sense of humour.

If there is one thing I can tell you about #GreatMe is, it has been the funniest, most empowering project I have worked on so far! It features, inspiring, passionate, down to earth people, working in different fields of life. They are entrepreneurs, engineers, bloggers, models and… they are fun!

When it came to designing this project, fun was definetly the most important component and thus it was crucial to make the experience as recreative as possible. There are many reasons why. One of them being, when you have fun, you show your true self, your Greatest self and people can vibe with you.

#GreatMe is about resilience

Another reason is I firmly believe in the power of humour as an uplifting mechanism. I, myself, have used humour as a coping mechanism a thousand time, whether it be to laugh myself out of an awful situation, brush stress away or just confront my personal struggles.

It is my belief that people with a sense of humour are also more resilient, which to me is a super power as it requires faith, humour and thousands of humbling experiences.

If humour is contageous then, I want to think that resilience can be and hence the importance for me to share a platform like #GreatMe with resilient people who achieved great things by staying true to themselves.

I hope that, with this project, people will rely on their inner strengths, their own super power and draw a sense of mastery from other people’s experiences.

The faces of the project

This project features a woman I truly admire my dearest sister, Bonny Louisa Peggy. She is one of the most positive people in my life and she is such an inspiration to many. Now she is venturing in a new charity work and I cannot wait to share her story with you guys.

Isidore & Angela

Two of the best encounters I have made thus far are Isidore and Angela. They are two young afropreneurs who have turned their dreams into reality by starting their own business. Passion drives the world. They are a prime example of this.


The lovely Islande and her warm personality are also featured on this project. Her unique perspective on beauty will for sure boost your confidence.


I met Ornella 8 years ago and I wasn’t as confident as I am today. I would crack jokes only she would understand and we would laugh for hours. This is the unique bound we have together and she is one of the greatest, most inspiring person I know!

When I designed #GreatMe, she was the first person I thought about. She opened up big time, sharing her path, her fears and her inspiration. #GreatMe by Ornella is the journey of a beautiful soul I love to call lemur.

These are just a few names in a long list of inspiring people that are featured in the #GreatMe by Calixte Bonny charity work. Stay tuned for more 😘

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