Christiane Dahlia NGUE

Hello Everybody,

My name is Christiane Dahlia NGUE, I am 26 and I am a vibrant cross-cultural management graduate from Cameroon. I am into laughing, sharing, dishing and hence I decided to put all that energy in a blog Haha! No more seriously…

I started aladyproject.com and the related empowering @africaglamstory in a bid to inspire and empower girls and women who may sometimes feel at odd with their body or their appearence. I personally had my share of down moments and I know the importance of having someone to relate to or to laugh with or just to vibe with.

Both projects then evolved to become vibrant platforms showcasing the beauty of diversity and women empowerment, which for me is a great achievement.

This year, I decided to go a step further and start Maison Calixte Bonny, a charity whose aim is to give vulnerable young people the tools to unleash their full potential and find their soul mission. With this last project, I truly hope young people in empoverished regions will be inspired to build their own success.

Join us and share the love ♡

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